Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wisdom in the Trenches-Worry

I would say that "trenches" are places where you are on your knees and getting dirty.  Places where you've hidden yourself in a hole with the hopes of finding something or hiding from something.... or both.

So when I say "trenches", my mind's eye goes to a place where people go to get down and dirty with their requests to God; where they go to hide from the enemy's fire and find peace and resolution in the Victor's hands.

I'm huge on prayer.  I'm the person who doesn't take it lightly and will offer up whisper heart prayers if nothing else is available.  So, when someone offers to pray for me, I want to give them a specific thing to pray for.  I did this recently - I asked a couple who was praying for me to pray for a specific concern I have about my time away on a mission trip.  Their response just made me smile, knowing that it was God alone who gave them the words to say to me...

"We will definitely pray... God hasn't give you this opportunity to blindside you while you're gone, you know, so relax and enjoy your ministry experience."

This isn't to say that God doesn't have surprises up His sleeve for my good, but it is to remind me to NOT WORRY.

How much do I know worry is bad for me?  MUCH.  It's bad for you too.  I need people who are in the trenches with me to remind me to keep my head down when those thoughts come my way.  I am granted victory over them time and again, but I am certainly not immune to them.  Let's encourage each other to continually cast our cares on God, not trust in our own line of sight, keep praying in the trenches, and sing a few campfire songs while we're down there.  We want freedom, after all, and singing the good old praises invites God's Spirit to be a part of us.  And where the Spirit of the LORD is - there is freedom.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What ARE you saying??

A thought hit me today that I felt very convicted about - what am I telling those around me by my attitude?

Our attitude can make or break a meeting, it can lift up or break down, it can bring growth, or it can cause recoil.  You make the atmosphere by your attitude.

As a Christian, a follower of Christ, my attitude is determined greatly by the spirit inside of me.  Do I let the Holy Spirit setup house inside of me on a very practical level? Or do I only let Him in when I want to feel Him?

Will you stick your feet in the ground deep in a place of joy and faith with me today - believing with every part of ourselves for greatness?  It doesn't mean settling, it means you get some gumption in your boots and decide to have a good attitude and a healthy spirit.  Don't just put a smile on, change your demeanor.  That might mean you have to let go of some bitterness, anger, frustration, irritation, anxiety, or passivity, but I know you are capable of it.

Don't let a mistake from your past or someone else's circumstances determine your attitude.  Choose to be the light, not the lampshade.  Let's do this together!